Our Science

Climate-smart Agriculture

Biostimulants support farmers adapting their production practices in a more volatile climate while enhancing food production sustainability through improved nutrient uptake and efficiency.

With soil health enhancements and root benefits, biostimulants can improve production. The result is climate-smart farming which is both resilient and flexible. Biostimulants ultimately contribute to mitigating climate change effects through soil carbon sequestrations or greenhouse gas emission reductions.

Made from Nature

EVOIA focuses on using natural and organic ingredients as well as processes to create solutions designed for any growing system. EVOIA helps farmers handle resistance management and environmental challenges through a blend of science and nature. The result is a natural addition to help improve plant vitality and vigor with consistent results that show at harvest.

High Mix Compatibility

EVOIA products mix well with a variety of seed treatments and carriers.

The physical properties of EVOIA commercial formulations are consistent in various environmental situations allowing application in a variety of temperature, pH and storage conditions. Additionally, there is high physical and biological compatibility with other seed treatments.

Long Shelf Life

Convenience and flexible use are criteria our researchers and formulation scientists use when designing EVOIA products.

The physical product properties are put to the test in strenuous environmental situations to make sure they don’t just work in the lab but excel in the field. The resulting commercial product results in a solution that stays safe and stable on the seed and on the shelf.

Low Use Rates

EVOIA products are formulated with ease of use in mind.

The patented, proprietary technology allows only the viable components to translate to the final commercial product. These low use rate formulations allow growers, retailers and seed companies to enhance their bottom line with increased flexibility, efficiency and cost savings, while reducing transportation expenses.

Understanding the mode of action of our products is how we deliver dependable results and is the key to our success.

Dr. Ken-Der Wang, EVOIA Research Scientist

EVOIA stands for developing innovative solutions from natural processes to help meet the needs for our evolving environment.

Kevin Dolinar, EVOIA Research Scientist